College of Education, Ibaraki University

Bunkyo 2-1-1, Mito, Ibaraki, 310-8512 Japan
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Public Transportation

using JR (East Japan Railway Company) and regular Bus services

Take the Joban Line of the JR, from Tokyo or Ueno Stn. in Tokyo downtown area to the Mito Stn. It takes 65 - 80 [min.] by the Hitachi or Tokiwa Limitted Express.

from Mito Stn.: Choose bus which shows "茨大前"(Iba Dai Mae) at the North Gate of the Mito Station. The Ibaraki Kotsu Company bus takes you to the univeristy in 25 [min.]. The number will be 2 or 8, 11, 12, 40s and 50s at the Bus Stop 7. Keep the numbered ticket and pay 330 [yen] with the ticket, when you get off the bus at Ibadai-mae.

from Akatsuka Stn.: Take the bus of Ibaraki Kotsu Company, number 24 or 27 at the Bus Stop 3 of North Gate of the Station. Keep the numbered ticket and pay 280 [yen] with the ticket, when you get off the bus at Ibadai-mae. It takes about 20 [min.]

using Highway Bus to Mito

There are several highway bus services to Mito.
from Tokyo Stn. 2080[yen] from Yaesu Gate. One of the 3 routes stops at the Ibaraki Daigaku-Mae (Ibaraki University). HP
from Utsunomiya Stn. Kita-Kanto-Liner stops at the Ibaraki Daigaku-Mae (Ibaraki University), 1550[yen]. HP
from Tsukuba Stn. The TM-Liner 820-1030[yen]. HP
from Sendai Stn. Change to the regular bus between Mito Stn. and Daiku-machi bun stop. 4800[yen]. HP
from Osaka or Kyoto: Take the night bus "Yokappe" HP
from Nagoya: The night bus 4500-9000[yen] HP 

Airline to Ibaraki

from Haneda Airport to JR Mito Stn. Take the Highway bus, 3600[yen]. HP
from Narita Airport to JR Mito Stn. Take the Hightway bus "Rose Liner", 3100[yen].  HP

A small but international Ibaraki Airport locates about 40[min.] from JR Mito Stn.
from Ibaraki Airport to JR Mito Stn. Use the Suttle Bus which costs 1030 - 1130[yen]. HP
  Skymark, Spring Airline(春秋航空), China Southern Airlines(中国南方航空) from Kobe, Sapporo, Naha, Fukuoka, Shanghai and Shenzhen(深圳).

Using your own Car to Mito

Ibaraki University locates about the three-way intersection of Route 118 and 123.
Joban Highway. 5 [min.] from the special ETC exit of North Mito Interchange (limitted to Tokyo side). or 15 [min.] from the Mito or Naka Interchange.

Map of Mito Area


Campus Map PDF

College of Education is 3 in the map below.