Chair of the Kanto Branch, SJST


Our regular meeting is going to be held at Ibaraki University, on December 5th, this year. The theme focuses on returning the research results on practice. So that, the cooperation is expected to be enhanced from each side. I am also expecting not only the member of the association but sciene teachers in schools, prospective teachers in universities and science communicators particapte in the meeting and exchange ideas and information throught the meeting. Looking forward to seeing you at Ibaraki!
(Yasushi OGURA, Saitama University)

Chair of the Steering Committee


The SJST(Society of Japan Science Teaching) became to be an incorporated association on July 1st, 2015 and re-started its another history. The first Kanto regional meeting after the event is going to be held at Mito city on December 5th this year. I would like to warmly welcome all of you who are interested in science education.
The educational environment seems to be changed dramatically, however, most educators are exhausted by rapid, endless and unfounded reformation. This is why the steering committee made up the theme: "Back to the Praxis!". I hope fruitful discussion in the one day meeting, considering the effectiveness and meaningfullness of our research on the practice.
(Hisashi OTSUJI, Ibaraki University)